Our Websites

Triquetra Design

The following websites are all owned and operated by DPH Enterprises. Not all are commercial – some are purely and simply a personal indulgence!

  • Psychic Revelation [Visit Psychic Revelation]
    • Psychic Revelation was our very first website and was founded in 2002. It is now one of the most popular metaphysical destinations on the Internet. [More Info]
  • Tarot Time [Visit Tarot Time]
    • Tarot Time is our latest community website and is aimed at all tarot enthusiasts whether amateur or professional.
  • Triquetra Design [Visit Triquetra Design]
    • Triquetra Design shares some of the trials and tribulations of being a webmaster. As well as hints and tips for fellow long-suffering webmasters.
  • Wiccan World  [Visit Wiccan World]
    • Wiccan World came about as a spin-off from Psychic Revelation. The Wiccan section was so popular that we decided to let it become a website in its own right!